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sUberman. Ian Jacklin's Uber Blog - 5/5/23

I think this ride was the day before yesterday and I believe in the North Side of Milwaukee. Like almost always when I pick up my African American friends I pretty much know they are awake and on the same page as I far as how the government and Big Pharma are of the devil. I was sad to hear that they were pretty much forced into taking the first shot or two in order to keep their jobs and travel like most but they knew by the time the 3rd and 4th were coming out as the saying goes something fishy was in the state of Denmark! They declined them of course. So I had to hit them with my vaccine detox elevator speech: It's all in my book "ConVid 1984. Antidote" but here's it in a nutshell. I named the book ConVid cause CoVid was a Con. There is no virus ever proven to be isolated which means there is no virus just people sick from toxic crap they ate, drank, thought, breathed, or sat in. As in Wifi, 5G is what got everyone sick. Everyone got radiation poisoning from the 5G. Just like in the early 1900s with the Spanish Flu. They turned on the radio for the first time and the human body got sick. Big Pharma said to take their shot and everyone that did got sicker and many died. Again there was no Spanish Flu as there is no virus. There were just radio waves and toxic shots. Same as today, history repeats itself by design. The same scum that did it to the people back then did it now. They are the Rothschilds of the world. Fake Jews if you will. They run Hollywood as I mentioned Kanye West recently stated and was lambasted for. This couple knew exactly what I was talking about! I told them Ye was right! I was offered the devil's deal myself and said no hence me driving a taxi and not making movies. They did bring up the question of whether Ye sold his soul to make it and I said well if he married one of the Kardashians he sold something which we all got a good laugh out of, lol! But it's great to see how many regular folks are aware of the culprits of the world. I just hope we all band together and figure out how to get them out of control!

At any rate, I continued to explain that most of the earlier shots were placebo or sugar water so they shouldn't worry. The bad guys couldn't just kill everyone off in the first round or two causing people to catch on. But the last two boosters are bad news. I'm told they are the kill shots and a whole bunch of people will be dying from them in the next couple of years. We already see athletes dying suddenly all over the world. Newscasters dropping dead on live TV like flies. I reassure them that there is an antidote that they should do just to be safe which in a nutshell is to take the French green clay also known as bentonite clay. Take baking soda to get alkaline and red pine needle oil to kill the parasites in the vaccines. And of course how an Alkaline diet is just the way to go these days. They were much obliged and I continued my day giving people rides around Milwaukee. Saving the world one ride at a time.

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