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Alkaline Detox Shred

Drop Acidosis, Look and feel great!

There is one disease and one cure. The disease is acidosis and the cure is alkalinity. You don't get fat, cancer, or gout you get acidic. Kapeesh? So let's get rid of the acid you have, not put any more in by eating and drinking alkaline. This page is to help you through your first 10 days which we hope will roll over into your new permanent lifestyle.  But for now, just give me 10 days!  On the first Monday of every month, we will do the 10-day feast not fast! It's a plant-based plethora of tasty meals and shakes to help you find your ideal weight and get rid of any health issues from asthma to cancer. After all, it's all stemming from the same thing. You are acidic from what you eat, drink, breathe, think, feel and these days sit in. As in wifi soup 5G madness. Did you get tricked in to taking the experimental shot? Are you worried about convid? Fear not they just rebranded the flu and added the radiation poisoning in the 5G. It's time to get alkaline so you won't get sick from all that they bombard you with these days. Chemtrails, flu shots, pharmaceuticals are all to hurt you not help you. That's why I'm here to stop the bullying they are doing and to show you how to defend yourself from these tyrants running the world today. Get healthy, get alkaline!


What I Need From You

I don't charge as of yet for this I just ask you to get your non-gmo shakes and supplements from my trusted company Juice Plus. Note this is a 4 month program. We do the first 10 days of each month together but hope you just take one day off at the end of each week and continue through the whole month.  If you choose to grow your own food buy a tower grower and I'll help you get that going. That's it.  Oh and bring the 3 D's.  Desire, dedication, and determination for 10 days. If after 10 days you have had enough then just do your best the for next 20 and know that we will start the next 10 days on the first Monday of every month. But I recommend you just take one day off and get right back on it.  We want a minimum of 80% alkaline food intake and 20% acidic to cure what ails you. So I myself will enjoy a grass-fed steak or pizza on weekends.  Ice cream for dessert! But Monday it's back to 2 shakes and a vegan meal.  Boom I'm always alkaline, pain-free, and always at my ideal weight.  
Oh before I go any further know this. If you have children under 18 they get their capsules or gummies free. Just sign up under the Healthy Start For Families

Below are some options for you. If you are broke the cheapest is where you just get your meal replacement shakes and can add the supplements later when you can afford them. I advise you to watch all the video's provided to get an understanding of what Juice Plus offers. And again if you don't want to rely on your grocery stores for produce these vertical growers are the best thing since sliced bread!  By purchasing any of these packages you get in my Facebook group: Ian Jacklin's Alkaline Detox Shred where there are recipe books and videos, everyone can chat, ask questions, share stories, meal ideas, etc... 


I do teach exercise classes but that's a separate thing.  You can book me as a personal trainer on the site but I recommend everyone do a couple of things on top of the shakes during the 10 days.  1) exercise a minimum of 3 times a week (should be 6).  The best way to get acid out of you is through breath (asperation) and sweat (perspiration). So if nothing else go for a 20-minute brisk walk daily. Or do a yoga class, any cardio, weight, or martial art training 3 to 6 times a week.  Cut out sugar and coffee or reduce greatly for the 10 days to give your adrenals a break. Again moderation is key. If you now drink a pot of coffee a day drop it down to one mug.  If you drink one mug drop it to one every 2nd day or to none.  I'm not here to torture you just get you consuming smarter. More alkaline.


As I mentioned the FB group has a couple of amazing recipe books if you aren't familiar with vegan cooking. If this is your first time going vegan? That's grrrreeeaaat! Meat is acidic and came from a creature that had a mom. Not good karma for you or for your health. So this is a good thing you are doing. And trust me when you try some of these recipes you will be amazed at how good eating vegan tastes and feels.  We run on electrons, not flesh or sugar! Electrons come from the photons from the sun and the plants produce chlorophyll which when we eat feeds us electrons!  Note this is a 4 month program. It's recommended you get your blood work done now and then again in 4 months to see the results!

Finally, go here to sign the waiver.  It basically says I'm not a doctor and not treating you for anything. I just am showing you what I do for health and wellness.  If you get hurt or sick you can't sue me. As with anything to do with your health consult your doctor which I prefer D.O.'s to MD's cuz MD's are only allowed to treat with big pharma crap. But to each his own.  Be mindful. If you feel sick from this diet it could be herxing from detoxing too fast so just back off on it. You may experience gas or diarrhea and headaches especially if you are coming off a lot of coffee and alcohol.  Never go cold turkey on heavy alcohol consumption.  You must detox at a clinic for that first. 

Watch these and make your choice.

Alkaline Detox Shred

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