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sUberman - Ian Jacklin's Uber Blog

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

FYI Uber for me is a word that means modern-day Taxi. This blog has no affiliation with the actual Uber App company or Lyft. I'm an independent driver using my own car for my own business of blogging and podcasting.

How "sUberman" was born. I've been told I'm the best taxi driver in the world due to my experience in life. That they get way more than a ride to and fro when they get me behind the wheel. They don't see me as a regular "Uber guy". I'm a sUber guy. Hence the title of this blog... sUberman.

Way back in the 90's I, Ian Jacklin was offered the deal. In Hollywood. I was offered a multi-picture deal if I hung out with the gay producers in town and smoked cocaine and pole with them. I politely said no thank you I will make it on my own. And I walked away. My dreams shattered. My bank account was decimated. But my soul is still whole. So could be worse. Skip forward to today. You need a ride. SUberman to the rescue. I say "sUberman" because you not only get a ride from a great driver! (I was taught how to drive by a couple of NewYorker's in LA) you can learn how to potentially cure or at least try to heal from cancer and all degenerative diseases. Or hear about my 10-year pro kickboxing career. Or 10 year Hollywood acting career. Or just get a good ear from someone with the wisdom to possibly help your thought processes on things. Boom. So... You need a ride somewhere. You dive into the old faithful app for Uber. I show up in my 2011 Red Nissan Altima. I look good, smell good and politely ask you how you are doing. You say good and I say, that's good. Then I start driving. Many question me in my car as they hear my story... "How did you end up driving Uber in Milwaukee after being in so many movies and tv shows?" "I wouldn't play on the casting couch, I have honor and integrity." Then start my 5-minute (or longer depending on their destination) elevator speech:

I explain the good thing that came out of Hollywood for me was I learned how to cure cancer using holistic methods. In the mid 90's I was doing a play with fellow "Days Of Our Lives" alumni, J Cynthia Brooks, and I overheard her tell some of the "Spoiled Women" cast she just cured herself of terminal Cervical cancer. I spun around and said "What? You can't cure cancer what are you talking about?" And the legend began. I soaked everything she had learned on her healing journey along with many others that did the same and put it in a documentary, movie called, "I Cure Cancer." Years later I made it into a book also called, "I Cure Cancer." And of course, got the site up and rolling. At this point, my passengers pull out the popcorn and become very attentive.

I continue: Look it's very simple. You don't get cancer you do cancer and you do it from what you eat, drink, think, breathe and these days sit in. As in the 5G Wifi. Which btw is what caused the scamdemic. They turned on 5G, blamed it on a virus that doesn't exist, and told everyone to get a shot which has killed over 3.5 million people so far.

Now at this point, I glance back through the rearview mirror to see what kind of reaction I get. And here's how I use former recon to evaluate. If they are middle-class white folk and liberal I know they got the shot. Conservatives probably didn't or maybe just got the first one which I quickly tell them isn't so bad because many of the first two were placebo. It's the folks that took all 4 that should be worried. If they are black they probably didn't get the shot. I drive in Milwaukee's northside aka the hood a lot and they are all awake! None of them got the shots! They be like... "Hell no I didn't get the shot! Anytime whitey is giving something out for free I'm just sayin no!" LOL! It basically breaks down to the haves and the have-nots. The haves all followed "masters' rules" and got the shots. The urbanites are so used to "master" lying to them and fucking them over said "hell no!" So for those that have complained in the past about how the white devil is always abusing the black man finally got some payback. Their jadedness saved their lives. Their years of being held down paid off! When the population control efforts kicked in with the scamdemic's shots they were having nothing to do with it. And good for them. It saved their lives.

Here are my own stats so far, far as who got shot and who did not. Black people: Maybe 1 out of 100 got maybe 1 or 2 shots cuz of work. White people 5 out of 10 got all 4 cuz they don't want to offend anyone. LOL! It's unreal. It's to the point now when a white person tells me they didn't get any shots I celebrate and tell them what I'm telling you right now and say thank you for having good instincts. You see that's what I learned about this by driving. The brothers and sisters of the world have amazing instincts. They have to. Others not so much. But my hat is off to all races, creeds, and colors that knew it was a scam and still have pure blood as I do. We are the future.

Okay so back to the car. The conversation can go one of two ways at this point depending on how long their ride is. I have to adjust to every rider in order to get them as much intel as possible in whatever time they are in my car. I can speak about "how to cure cancer and all disease" or "explain the scamdemic and how to detox from the shots". I mean I do both if it's a long ride but I try to get one in at least before they go on their way. Today was the scamdemic speech. And it was an extra special good one because the girl was Jewish.

TP was a very kind and nice young girl who I doubt was over 20. I picked her up at a Jewish Center for kids. I thought this is perfect for my first blog. I forget how we got started talking but she agreed the shots were not good and didn't get any. I told her how happy I was to see she was so awake! That most white folk don't seem to understand and got the shots. That most black folks did not and her reasons like my ebony friends were similar. Good gut instinct! She said she knew from the get-go that anytime the government really tries to sell something there's probably something wrong. She said her parents agreed that not enough was known yet about them so they all agreed to wait it out and they are all so glad they did.

I then told her about how researching for my last book "ConVid 1984 - Antidote" I became well versed in this topic and started explaining the whole thing how the evil leaders of the world turned on 5G, called it a virus, told everyone to get the shot, and now millions are dead with billions to die soon. Pretty heavy stuff for a young lady but I could tell she was smart and strong and was enjoying our discussion.

Now her being Jewish I had to be very delicate here. I even said ya know it's hard to explain things without sounding a little anti-Semitic but the truth is many of the top people when you follow the money trail for all these murderous vaccines are Jewish. So I emphasized that it's no disrespect to all the normal, Jewish folks out there. It's just a fact that big pharma is owned and run by a lot of Jews. That there is an actual evil Cabal out there where the 1% elite banker types; Rothchilds etc... want to separate everyone. The Jews / Gentiles, Blacks / Whites, etc... Antifa and Black Lives Matter started by Zionist Jew George Soros is a perfect example. And she got that. It comes down to good vs evil, not race or color.

So I of course have to bring up the travesty of Israel being used and abused once again by their own people. Just like in previous wars the Rothschilds sold them out they did again this time. I said the bankers eat their young. They forced vaccines on Israel worse than most and I was pleasantly surprised to see she knew what I was talking about. New Zealand and Canada too. Just raped and pillaged them and so many are going to die because of it. I was born and raised in the great white north eh and I've had two of my Canadian friends die already. I tried warning them at the beginning of the scamdemic that there would be vaccines soon and to not take them. I wish they had heeded my advice because I miss them. I will never be able to see them again because the Canadian government murdered them. I've recently become an American needless to say. America! Fuck yeah! At least they have never forced the shots here. Hell, I never even wore a mask for the whole 3 years in Wisconsin. No tests either. Fuckem. I will not comply and you shouldn't either if you want to live and be healthy.

As we pulled over I explained that if anyone she knew did get the shots my book ConVid 1984 - Antidote had a chapter on how to detox which in a nutshell is to take French Green Clay to pull out the graphene oxide nanoparticles, baking soda to make you alkaline and pine needle oil for the parasites. We bid farewell and I was off for my 2nd ride of the day,


Keva was a cool, young african american girl who I basically shared the conversation I just had with the cool young Jewish girl. She got what I was saying when I expressed to TP that one could be accused of being anti-Semitic when describing the current affairs of the world. She also got that, that is the way the Rothschilds want it. I'm amazed at how awake so many people are! I must say 8 out of 10 people I meet are pretty much awake. Even if they got the shot many regret it and wouldn't do it again. They may not know the details that I do but they are getting in the ballpark. They know something is fishy in Denmark so to speak. This makes my heart sing. What a way to start my day. Two young ladies said no to the shots and know who the bad guys are. I love my job. Sure it doesn't pay as well as a multi-million dollar acting career would have but I don't have to sell my soul either. So rock and roll. On that note, I'm going to hit the road. Stay tuned for more stories of sUberman - Ian Jacklin's Uber Blog.

PS I would like to make this into a show like HBO's Taxi Cab Confessions or Cash Cab. So if anyone wants to donate to getting my car camera'd up let me know.

PSS thanks to mi Amor, Carla Martins for this idea! You are right. I have interesting adventures and should be blogging about them.

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