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sUberman. Ian Jacklin's Uber Blog - 4/29/23

I dropped a young man's sisters off at a function and he realized he didn't add in the ride to be taken back and he left his phone at home. I said don't sweat it I'll take you back at no charge. It wasn't that far, maybe 5 to 10 minutes which was perfect for me to teach him a lil somethin, somethin. I forget my intro but was quickly into my elevator speech for health. You see son you don't get sick you do sick and you do it by becoming acidic from what you eat, drink, think, breathe, and these days the wifi radiation they turned on us with the 5G. The way we beat acidosis is by becoming alkaline. I pointed to my Alkaline book on the seat. Baking soda is your new best friend. A teaspoon of good ol Arm and Hammer in a glass of water after meals will cure what ails you. Especially if you are still eating meat, dairy, and sugar none of which was made for our bodies. We were meant to eat plants and drink water. That's it. Everything else has protons and neutrons in them which sucks the life out of us. Plants have electrons that give us life. Dark green cruciferous are the best. They soak in the protons from the sun which turns to chlorophyll in the plants and when we eat them we get electrons to fuel us. He thanked me for the free ride and health info and sUberman was back on the road looking for another ride. Oh ya and what tip I got later! Thanks lil brother!

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