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sUberman. Ian Jacklin's Uber Blog - 5/1/23

For many, it would be a manic Monday because, well, it's Monday. Not for sUberman. It's just another day to save the world one ride at a time. I pick up Mikey. Of course, I have to say, "So I hear every man named Michael has the Arch Angel Michael in them." He says "Yes I've heard that too." Oh, it's on like Donkey Kong! I love it when I get someone awake! Time to pull out the big guns. I figure I can skip the health and ConVid elevator speeches and go right for the God elevator speech aka Evil Aliens. I ask Mikey, "So have you heard of the Annunaki by chance?" "No?" he says as he busts out the popcorn! "Okay hold on to your seat and fasten your belt this is going to be a wild ride brother!" I explain that the Anunnaki are a part of a reptilian, extraterrestrial, race of beings, from a planet called Nibiru that comes into our galaxy once every 3600 years. Approx 400,000 years ago they stopped on planet Earth and decided to mine the gold to take back to their planet and spray it into the atmosphere to save them from their sun or something. I forget details but that's a general idea. They brought their own slaves called the Igigi who eventually rebelled against the hard work which left the leaders Enlil and Enki in a predicament. You see their father Anu sent the two half-brothers to handle this. Enlil was the more spoiled and evil of the two. Enki more kind and loving came up with the plan to take the caveman they saw wandering around and give him just enough brains to follow orders but not enough to ever revolt. He did so by combining their Annunaki DNA with the Neanderthal in a Petri dish and was successful. For the longest time, they just popped out the new race we today call the human being as they needed and they lived a long time but eventually did die. That's where the Garden of Eden story comes about. Enki makes a female version of the "Adamu" so they can procreate on their own. Have sex! So the bible states Adam and Eve were kicked out of the Garden of Eden for sin. Nope. They got to have sex and procreate on their own so the Annunaki could worry about other things more important than constantly having to make "people slaves". Mikey was keen on the fact the bible was a book used by the evil ones to keep the man down so this seemed very viable to him. Again I love chatting with awake people!

I continue explaining that this story comes from the Sumerian Tablets. The Sumerians were the first people on earth that recorded things which interestingly enough their records have the Genesis story from our bible in it almost verbatim which explains the one passage we all were confused about... Man was created in "our" image. Who's "our"? I always thought God was singular, not plural. Well turns out Enki and Enlil and all the Annunaki were "our" in that biblical statement. As in we were made in the god's or Anunnaki's likeness. "That actually makes a lot of sense," says Michael. "Does to me" I say. As you will see if you read any of Zacharia Sitchin's work, Gerald Clark, etc... Enlil was God in the bible who killed everyone with the flood. He did this just because he thought the humans were noisy. Enki played the snake who told Eve to eat the apple of knowledge to save humans from the scam being played on them. I think he also played the burning bush and told Noah to build a boat. So the irony is God who was supposed to be the good guy was evil and the devil or snake who was supposedly the bad guy was the good guy, lol! I always knew there was something fishy in the state of Denmark when I went to church and they tried to teach me these things.

This all comes back to the beginning of our conversation I note. We were talking about the archangels. Knowing the story I just told you then the arch angels who sat at the foot of God were also Annunaki on the same level as God just not as high ranked. Which also means Lucifer too was an Annunaki. Trippy huh? Mikey agreed and said this was the best Uber ride conversation he ever had as I dropped him off. I said thanks and was off to my next ride.

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