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sUberman. Ian Jacklin's Uber Blog - 5/3/23

My vaccine elevator speech.

Yesterday I had the ride of all rides for my vaccine elevator speech. Whenever I get a baby in my car let alone a black baby boy (Blackboys who got MMR before the age of three were 3.36 times more likely to be diagnosed with autism.) I have to ask the rider if they know the truth about vaccines. This young lady said no when I asked her so I started in. I explained my credentials and how I had been writing health books and creating documentaries on health since the 90s. I express first off no vaccines are good, period. Not any of the 70 shots of baby vaccines they give nowadays, not the flu shot, and definitely not the CoVid 19 shot! They are all of the devil I explain aka big pharma to make customers for life of those that take any of them. I tell her about the book I recently read called "Turtles All The Way Down: Vaccine Science and Myth" and how it explains no one has ever done a study comparing vaccinated kids with unvaccinated kids. Ever. Never, ever, ever. I said isn't that a little fishy? All they got to do is compare how none of the non-vaxed kids are sick and all of the vaxxed are. Duh. It's a no-brainer and that's why they don't do that study. I also explained that Polio which is a pro-vaxxer's poster child for why we should take them. I've heard too many times some idiot say well Polio is gone thanks to the shots! Uh, no it isn't. There is no such thing as polio. The people got sick and some were paralyzed from the DDT and other bug sprays used on the crops. End of story. There is a whole chapter on this in Turtles. Then she gave me the good news... she herself had never been vaccinated and she didn't plan on getting her newborn shot up either! I was elated and commended her on being awake! She even said she never got the ConVid shot because her instincts said why are they offering people money and hamburgers to get a shot? She knew something was fishy in the state of Denmark!

As it turned out I was driving her to the baby's first doctor visit!!! I said, "Oh Lord thank you Jesus, I got you today!" (and I'm not even religious) This is the universe that says I'm here to validate your fears and beliefs and to give you strength in there! I said do not let them trick or bully you into getting vaccines of any kind! I gave her my card and said you let me know if you need backup! I got you! Tell them you are into organic and natural healing and will not be giving your child any vaccines, period. As I dropped her off I thought wow that was the perfect ride for my vaccine elevator speech on my next blog! Hope y'all liked it. :)

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