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Signed copy of: Alkaline - Dr Robert O Young's Diet & Mind Set

Signed copy of: Alkaline - Dr Robert O Young's Diet & Mind Set

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There is one disease and one cure. That's it. The rest is a scam. We are ruled by psychopaths and run by idiots. The disease is acidosis and the cure is getting alkaline. That's it. So this should be for you to cure what ails you and get your weight to it's ideal by respecting the delicate pH balance of the body.An Alkaline individual is one with a pH of 7.4 or higher. Most get there by switching to plant-based but limit sugary fruits. A smart Vegan is someone who is plant-based but does overdo the sweet fruits like apples, oranges, and bananas. The real way to stay healthy is to keep the delicate pH balance of their "fish tank" aka body at 7.4 and above. This is done by eating 80% alkaline, mainly dark cruciferous veggies and good fats... and 20% acidic like meat is acceptable if one just doesn't want to quit it altogether. I myself may still have a grass-fed steak on treat day. Just not 3x a day like I used to. It's more like 3 x a month. And my digestion has never been better. Let alone my health in general. You can tell by my picture on my book for a 51-year-old man I'm not doing too bad. It was a myth we needed meat to be strong. We need chlorophyll because that has the sunlight from the plants. God's vibration baby! I spent the last year with Dr. Robert O Young interviewing him and getting his complicated science into laymen's terms for the average reader to be able to get why they are fat. It's saving their lives. Their current diet is so acidic the acid has to go somewhere. To your fat cells. Better than death. But now just stop the acid. And watch the fat go away as the acidic food ingestion is stopped. You are not fat you are acidic. NY Times recently recognized the Interstitium as the answer to cancer and rightly so. And all disease. It holds your interstitial fluids which take the acid out of your blood so you don't die. But where does it go? Poop, pee, sweat, and breathing are your elimination areas. And then don't put any more acid in you. This book explains what I learned from my new mentor Dr. Robert O Young author of Sick And Tired and the pH Miracle series of books. It was my extended education after learning from my original pH teacher Dr. Bernardo Majalca who was the star of my first book and movie I Cure Cancer. I've been helping folks for decades cure cancer with alkalinity only to find out we could have been curing everything else too including losing weight! There is some misinformation out there. Saying nothing affects your blood pH? Wrong! Your food does affect your acidity. And your drink, thoughts etc... And if your Interstitium is full of the acid it has pulled out of your blood (via the lymphatic system) so your blood pH doesn't change? Those interstitial fluids now need to get urinated, excreted, sweated, and aspirated out. If they don't you get acidosis which then turns to fat or worse a degenerative disease, usually cancer. So by eating alkaline food and drinking alkaline water you feed neg electrons to your cells which makes you alkaline. Not Acidic. Dr. Young's science has just proved why Dr. Bernardo's work of 40 years curing folks of cancer with his pH diet, worked. The pH Miracle is true! Which is all from the "Cancer Cure" forefather Otto Warburg's work. On top of learning how to eat for dis ease and weight loss Chapter 9 explains the Terrain theory over the Germ Theory so you can stop worrying wearing masks and 10 teaches you how to blood dope naturally. Shhh, don't tell Lance Armstrong! He could have kept his trophies! Having oxygenated blood is very important if you live in wifi soup.This day and age is a trip. Stay alive and be a warrior by getting alkaline.


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