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Daily Posts Too True For FB & Organic Growing Class Tonight 12/08/21

BOMBSHELL evidence: FDA and Pfizer conspired to hide thousands of adverse events and deaths caused by the COVID jab

Tower Growing Organic Veggies Year Round!

Don't forget tonight 6 pacific, 9 eastern Home Growing Tower Class with Ian!

Join class here: - id: 724 2401 3081 Password is: lovelife

You can grow with out dirt and bugs indoors or out. Year round. Organic. Why rely on your grocery store in these trying times?

More true news:

Do this!

and this! Write Eric and tell him he's a traitor and karma is coming:

Eric Topol one of the worst disinfo agents is now a "Writer in Residence" on substack. Time to speak out.

The FDA and Pfizer: Accomplices to Murder

120 Teens Hospitalized, 3 Dead Following Pfizer Vaccine Rollout for 15- to 17-Year-Olds in Vietnam

Mental note:

Israel wants to use its citizens as IOT nodes in their 5G networks. Each C-19 transgenic jab contains 40 trillion graphene oxide nano-particles. Imagine injecting the same person 4 times.! That's 160 trillion magnetic graphene oxide nano-particles in their body - they become magnetic for sure. For what purpose? These transgenic injections do NOT prevent infection, do NOT prevent transmission of SARS-Cov-2 as the C-19 guru (Fauci) has acknowledged publicly. So, what's the purpose of these gene-transfer therapies?

Biden Vaccine Mandate for Federal Contractors Blocked Nationwide + More

Anonymous: I also find it weird that the judges that block these therapies' mandates totally ignore the fact that they were supposed to block viral transmissions but the CDC and Fauci have already stated clearly that their gene-transfer therapies do NOT work and those who have been jabbed 3X are required to wear a mask that don't stop Cov-2 transmission either.

These mandates should just be canceled as obsolete and move to plan B. If not it means that it was NOT a public health issue after all.

The COVID PCR test is a complete fraud.

Smoking gun: Fauci states COVID PCR test has fatal flaw; confession from the "beloved" expert of experts

It’s No Conspiracy - The Elites Think You’re EXPENDABLE!!!

Mind-boggling VIDEO: Pfizer and FDA knew the COVID jab would kill thousands

Biden Loses AGAIN - Court Halts Biden's Vax Mandate for Federal Contractors

1984 - It's Here! Your Face Is, or Will Be, Your Boarding Pass

Stories that the press will not cover

Steve Kirsch: COVID Vaccines Kill More People Than They Save

Magnetic people from the covid vaccines

ConVid 1984 Book Review: Brilliant knowledge and information on the current times... Learn about true health, healing, and survival. Ian has a wealth of knowledge in the area and is here to help others get through these difficult times. This book is worth purchasing! -- Anonymous On sale this weekend $2.99! Leave a good review. Piss off the shills!


Get $15 off you EMF protection devices with this link!

In the USA and want a signed copy of Ian's books?

Or get on Amazon:

The Ferrari of health books. Again you don’t get fat, cancer, diabetes etc… you do them. Stop doing them and here’s how. Alkaline. Dr. Robert O Young’s pH Diet & Mindset.

Good thing I wrote this when I did. This book could also be called I cure eating too much shit disease or got shit injected in to my arm. Not feeling well? Got cancer or some other form of acidosis? Dr. Bernardo's alkaline protocol is in here along with everything else important for getting well. I Cure Cancer:

If you want to be in the beta group: Here is a free copy of my book if you promise to leave a review! Advance Review Copies for ConVid 1984 - Antidote by Ian Jacklin -- Be the first to read ConVid 1984 – Antidote!

Other platforms better than commie FB:

Repost this! We can do this! We can stop the madness! Send these two documents to your Attorney General and Sheriff:

Ending Covid Nightmare: Thousands of Citizens Push AGs Into Action.

Here are the two documents to print out and send certified mail to your State Attorney General & your state Sheriff and anyone else you want on notice. They must investigate!

Please, everyone! It looks like Amazon released my account so you can leave comments for my new book!!! Please counter the shill that tried to sabotage me! Please leave a 5 star & positive comment for me!

Ian's video intro to ConVid 1984:


I'm not waiting for the food to stop arriving on my grocery shelves! Do you want to learn to grow your own food indoors or out without the dirt and mess? Message me for the password to join us on another zoom class this Wed. night 6p Pacific 8 Central & 9 Eastern. It's just a half-hour then questions after. - id: 724 2401 3081 Password is: lovelife

Ian on how to feed yourselves when the food stops showing up on your shelves:

Growing Your Own Food Class With Ian Jacklin –:

Grow your own food indoors:

Whole food supplements:

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