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Ian & Dr. Morse 2 & Ian's Daily Posts Too True For FB

Ian Interviews Dr. Morse Part 2:

Student Gets Leg Amputated After COVID Vaccine, Dies of Brain Blood Clots + More

72% Of Unvaccinated Workers Vow to Quit if Ordered to Get Vaccinated + More

American Academy of Pediatrics Shills for Big Pharma, Pushes COVID Vaccines for Kids The extremis of vaccine promotion has reached a ludicrous new level. However, the damage that is about to be inflicted on children is criminal.

Mom Faced With Impossible Choice: Take the Jab or Lose Your Job

Dr. Zelenko Drops ATOMIC BOMB: Where Did the Influenza Go?

David Icke- The Reptilian Manipulation of Humanity

8000 Mayo Clinic Employees to be Fired for Refusing COVID-19 Vaccines