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Ian's Daily Posts Too True For FB 11/30/21

What Do You Know About CoVid Really?

The spike protein is a poison with an agenda

EMF 5g is a weapon system

Do you believe the people in the government are reptilians?

Lizard drone - Parasitic cells

CANADA. YOUR GUNS ARE GETTING TAKEN AWAY! You saw what happened to Australia right? Y'all are fucked if you let this happen!

"What They Did Not Tell You About Satellites"

Australia Admits Using Military To Send People To Covid Concentration Camps

Navy Seal Michael Jaco: Negative ET's have been sent packing. Are the days numbered for the minions left behind in charge?

Panicked Psaki Has NO Defense for Biden's Travel Ban Hypocrisy

Bill Gates Charged With Murder For COVID-19 Vaccine Death In India’s High Court – Death Penalty Sought

10 OMICRON ‘Variant’ Predictions For 2022 And Beyond - Why is there already a 29X increase in stillborn babies, by the way?

The New COVID Variant Scam Was Simulated In Israel Weeks Before It Was ‘Discovered’

The Secrets Behind The Numbers 3, 6, And 9

Growing Your Own Food Class With Ian Jacklin –:

Grow your own food indoors:

Whole food supplements:

Ian on how to feed yourselves when the food stops showing up on your shelves:


Get $15 off you EMF protection devices with this link!

Got the shot? Time to detox and heal:

The Ferrari of health books. Again you don’t get fat, cancer, diabetes etc… you do them. Stop doing them and here’s how. Alkaline. Dr. Robert O Young’s pH Diet & Mindset.

Dr. Robert O Young's recommendation to protect against wifi 5G soup and for those that took the shot, were wearing masks and taking tests that all have in them, Graphene Oxide, nanoparticles. No guarantee's, but one has to try. Word around my campfire is this is the anecdote.

Red plne needIe olL: Great for killing parasites. Contains Suramin! DR. Judy Mikovits recommendation for all the madness of shots etc...

Also important to take chlorophyll and phour salts and L Arginine!

Ever ate meat? You have undigested crap, literally in your colon. John Wayne had 40 lbs of it when he succumbed to colon cancer. Get your pipes clean!

Good thing I wrote this when I did. This book could also be called I cure eating too much shit disease or got shit injected in to my arm. Not feeling well? Got cancer or some other form of acidosis? Dr. Bernardo's alkaline protocol is in here along with everything else important for getting well. I Cure Cancer:

Other platforms better than commie FB:

Repost this!

Here are the two documents to print out and send certified mail to your State Attorney General & your state Sheriff and anyone else you want on notice. They must investigate!

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