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Ian's Daily Posts Too True For FB 10/30/21

Nobel Prize Winner: Pandemic Created By 97% False Positive PCR Test

Biden Offers ‘Flexibility’ as Workers Nationwide Threaten to Quit Rather Than Comply With Vaccine Mandates

Pentagon May Not Immediately Fire Vaccine Resisters

Join the ‘Worldwide Walkout,’ a Global Protest Against Government Overreach 3:

Join us for the WorldWide Walk Out kick-off on November 3rd!

'Around The World' Coercing Children, Scaring the Elderly: How New Zealand, Sweden and Canada Are Responding to the Pandemic

CHD Weekly Q&A: My Sons Get Nosebleeds Around Covid-Vaccinated People - Is This Shedding? + More.

Ontario's bill mandating vaccines for education and health workers defeated | Belinda Karahalios

Children Are Dying At A Rate 62% Higher Than The 5-Year-Average Since They Began To Be Given The Covid-19 Vaccine.