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Ian’s Posts Too True For FB C*mmies! 10/9/21

The first 3 are an absolute must-read and share!

Best video yet!!!! Watch and share this! Doctors All Over The World URGENT Warnings Of Taking The Covid 19 Vaccine.

Destroying the Narrative: 40 Reasons Why a COVID-19 Pandemic Never Existed

Destroying the Narrative: Twenty More Reasons Why a COVID-19 Pandemic Never Existed.

Don’t Be Fooled: Lab-Grown Meat Is a Disaster in the Making

A History Teacher's Warning

Stew Peters Asks Tough Questions to Get Straight Answers In World of Double-Speak

Notably, Israel with more than 60% of its population fully vaccinated, had the highest COVID cases per 1 million people during the seven-day period. Iceland and Portugal, with more than 75% of their populations fully vaccinated, had more COVID cases per 1 million people than countries such as Vietnam and South Africa, where only about 10% of the population is fully vaccinated.

Sixteen unvaccinated athletes won another round in their legal battle to play sports, despite Western Michigan University’s mandate that all of its inter-collegiate athletes get the COVID-19 vaccination shot.