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Ian’s Too True For Commie FB - 11/15/21

Unmask Your Child

Since as little as one percent of vaccine injuries ever get reported to VAERS, the true number could be as high as 1.631 million U.S. deaths.

The Pentagon’s Dilemma. Military Capabilities and Performance Impaired by the Covid Vaccine

The Pentagon vaccine mandate will inevitably impair the capabilities of the US military including Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps pilots as well as Army infantry and ground combat forces. The strategic and operational implications are far-reaching.

This applies to vaccinated pilots at high altitude who may be suffering from a Covid vaccine adverse event, e.g. blood clots. U.S. Army doctor and specialist in aerospace medicine Lt Col Theresa Long “has made an unprecedented call to Pentagon leaders, asking them to ground all pilots in all services who have gotten a COVID-19 vaccine”.

Crowd rallies outside Calgary courthouse in support of Pastor Artur Pawlowski.

Absolute Proof - 5 This video focuses on the number "5", which is the Freemason Compass & Square. 5 is everywhere... "Simplicity Is Complex"

Covid-19 is a Secret Society Genocide aka Helter-Skelter, when everyone in the occult tries to take over the world by killing everyone not in the occult. All the proof you will ever need is in this video. Please also watch the other videos on www.NoVax.Life and

Please join our fight against this satanic secret society genocide: Send Us some Truth & Love: Proof@NoVax.Life

STRAWMAN – great documentary - The Nature of the Cage & How to Survive It


Del Bigtree:

Dr. Tenpenny:

Laura Lynn: Chaos is here. What is the endgame?

Dr. Northrup explains why pilots are dying in flight. Defeat covid with Grapefruit & Lemons.

Mandate or Freedom: An open letter to corporate CEOs

A CONTAGION of COURAGE is spreading across America as pilots, police, firefighters and other workers say, “Take this JAB and SHOVE it!”

This vaccine mandate is unconstitutional, anti-science, a breach of the criminal code of Canada, a breach of the Nuremberg code, and an absolute overreach of the federal government.

FAKE MAGA Communist RINO Republicans are America First IMPOSTERS!

Polish Doctor Claims He Found A LIFE FORM In The Pfizer Comirnaty Shot


Children's Health Defense : Top Articles of the Day!

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Dennis Chan & I in Rio, Brazil. 1992 for KickBoxer 3. - click for fight

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