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Ian's Top Posts For Humans Vs The Draconians 9/28/21


The reasons the SEALs don’t want a shot are the same as many unvaccinated Americans. They believe they have so-called natural immunity, or protection against reinfection after getting COVID-19 and recovering. And a subset are Christians who don’t want any medicines that are developed using cells from aborted fetuses.

One of the first videos that popped up when this scamdemic started. It's still true.

Judges Let NYC Schools Proceed With Vax Mandate for Educators; Goes Into Effect Oct. 4

83,000 Hospital Workers Could Be Fired as New York COVID Vaccine Mandate Goes Into Effect

N.C. Hospital System Fires About 175 Workers in One of the Largest-Ever Mass Terminations Due to a Vaccine Mandate

Nursing Students Drop Out to Escape Vaccine Mandate

Polly, a fellow Ontario Canadian drops truth bombs:

CENSORED - SHORT FILM ON VACCINE INJURY — Enough! Their names are the Rothschilds and they live in the Alps!

This is Micro Biologist Gina Gold. Take a listen to what she has to say. 15% - 100% Mortality rate?????

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