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Too True By Yours Truly, Ian Jacklin - 8/31/22

Total Proof of Genocide: 9 out of 10 Covid Deaths are Triple Vaxxed, Top Medical Journal Reports

Exclusive: Trump Responds to Alex Jones Covid Vax Challenge

The Trump Vaccine

The Collapse of Civilization As We – MONDAY FULL SHOW 8/29/22

DR Carrie Madej about baking soda detox

Masks and Long COVID — What’s the Connection?

Young doctors in Canada are dying at a rate 23X normal after the second booster

Well Being: Homeschooling

IRREFUTABLE evidence: mRNA COVID jab causes vascular and organ damage

Jared Kushner and the Mystery of the First US Lockdown

Why Nazarin Believes the COVID-19 Vaccine is Unsafe

ICAN Demands Answers About Death Discrepancies in Pfizer’s Clinical Trial

Ginger Soothes Suffering of Rheumatoid Arthritis


Alex Jones Predicts Leftist False Flag Ops Targeting Trump to Derail Reelection Campaign

‘It’s Truly Unreal’: Stories of Negligence at the Hand of COVID-19 Hospital Treatment Protocols Continue to Surface

High Percentage of COVID Deaths Had 3rd Shot, More Excess Deaths After 4th Shot

Total Proof of Genocide: 9 out of 10 Covid Deaths are Triple Vaxxed, Top Medical Journal Reports

BREAKING: Top Doctor / Scientist Warns Covid Vax Contains Nanotech Matrix

Mark Zuckerberg tells Joe Rogan that Facebook algorithmically censored the Hunter Biden laptop story

Pinned Posts

Toxicology vs Virology: Rockefeller Institute and the Criminal Polio Fraud


The End of Germ Theory

Sign this and click!

STOP 5G! Together We Can Stop Deadly 5G Rollout!

How to Use Bonds to Get Your Child’s School District to Drop Mask Requirements and COVID Policies


Dr. David Martin Presents the Practical Plan to End the "Pandemic" & Great Reset Agenda

Dr. Martins pdf for Attorney Generals & Sheriffs!

Coronavirus Means Radiation Poisoning

Get Alkaline!

Whole Food Supplements & Home Growing Organic Veggies:

If you are into health and wellness read this. As you know I have been running “I Cure Cancer” for decades and the way we help people cure themselves is with supplements. I mentioned it on our last show I think... I partnered up with an awesome company where I am selling the Tower Gardens so you can grow your own organic food indoors and out year-round! They also have supplements that I think are pretty good. Especially for folks that don’t eat enough fruits, veggies, or omega’s. Watch these two videos and message me if interested:

More on Whole food supplements:

Order whole food supplements:

Tower Garden Short Video:

Another Tower Garden Video:

What grows well on a Tower Garden?

Order Tower Gardens:

Got the shot? Time to detox and heal: Dr. Robert O Young's recommendation to protect against wifi 5G soup and for those that took the shot, were wearing masks and taking tests that all have in them, Graphene Oxide, nanoparticles. No guarantees, but one has to try. Word around my campfire is these things are best for detoxing: Dr. Young Supplements:

#1 for Graphene Oxide is pH Miracle® Terra pHirma Montmorillonite Clay

#2 for pathogens in shots - Red plne needIe olL: Great for killing parasites. Contains Suramin! .

Glutathione: Combine 10 drops with the NAC in the nebulizer.

Also important to take chlorophyll and phour salts and L Arginine!

Ever ate meat? You have undigested crap, literally in your colon. John Wayne had 40 lbs of it when he succumbed to colon cancer. Get your pipes clean!

Ian's - ConVid 1984 Book Review: Brilliant knowledge and information on the current times... Learn about true health, healing, and survival. Ian has a wealth of knowledge in the area and is here to help others get through these difficult times. This book is worth purchasing! -- Anonymous

In the USA and want a signed copy of Ian's Health books? Click here: DVD, Supplements, and Health Consultation.

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