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Too True For FB by Ian Jacklin 4/20/22

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

The Scientific Evidence That Wearing a Mask Is Ineffective Harmful & Useless! Part 3

769 Athletes Collapsed This Year During Competition. What’s Going On?

Shanghai Prepares to Ease COVID Lockdown as Factories Reopen

The Vaccine Injury Compensation System for COVID has Failed

An open letter to Christi Grimm, Inspector General of the HHS

Judicial Relief from Florida for Airlines

mRNA Vaccines Lead to Spike Protein Entering Nucleus, Rise in Vascular Events, 40 Percent Increase in ‘All Cause Deaths’: Dr. Urso

Felicia Binger — Vaccine Victim

Coffee & Covid ☙ Wednesday, April 20, 2022 ☙ AGREE WITH XIR

Deadly: COVID vaccine smoking gun; AstraZeneca CEO reveals the secret

CHD TV - The People’s Testaments

Mel K & Author Charlie Robinson On Defining & Defeating The Enemies Of We The People 4-18-22


Poland to Pfizer: About that take-or-pay mRNA vaccine contract…

Washington health board rejects COVID jab mandate for K-12 students

AWK interview w/ SHEILA HOLM - 4.19.22: Self-Selective SLAUGHTER tied to the GA Guidestones! PRAY!

LIVE: American Airlines Pilot Heart Fails at Controls, Scientists Confirm Venom in Pfizer Vials!

American Airlines Captain Robert Snow Has Heart Attack Post-Vaccination Inside Cockpit.